The Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association was established in India in the year 2001. Its objectives were to bring together all concerned with the development of Spinal surgery; to stimulate education, learning and knowledge in this field; to stimulate research particularly in complex spinal problems like management of instability, management of developmental anomalies of spine and spinal cord, management of intraspinal and intramedullary lesions , failed back syndromes etc; to organize live operative workshops throughout India and abroad; to organize conferences and encourage propagation of our knowledge throughout the world while assimilating the newer things that the world had to offer. Another important aim of this organization has been to establish co-operation between neighbouring friendly developing countries and impart our knowledge to them and train some of them in the field of Neuro Spinal surgery, a new concept of one developing country helping another developing country. All this time the language has been developed countries helping developing and non developed countries.

Our aims have been very widely appreciated and our Annual conference have become a prestige point when participants from all over the world feel proud to have participated in this conference. Exchanging knowledge in a meaningful way has evolved as an important aspect of these conferences. For young surgeons the conference has become a matter of great satisfaction to be able to talk person to person with great stalwarts in the world. Warm personal feeling has remained an invaluable aspect of these meetings.

So far the workshops have been held in various parts of India. Several workshops have been held in Indonesia. Knowledge has also been imparted to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia. Workshops in the very near future are planned in Shri Lanka. The Annual workshops so far been held in Kodai Canal, Madurai, Salem, Ooty and Pune. Future conferences are planned for Cochin, Rajkot, Ludhiana and Delhi.

Presently Indonesia has been adopted officially for training in Neuro Spinal surgery. Their doctors come in batches to India and spend one month with us. In between I go with my team and hold live operative and cadaveric hands on workshops in their country. So far workshops have been held in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya. Future workshop is planned for Bandung.

From time to time books are published and it is planned to bring out the journal of the organization to help educate young surgeons in a more meaningful way.

Aims of the Association

  1. To train young surgeons
  2. To spread knowledge to public.
  3. To propagate the ideas to the world.
  4. To interact with other societies in the World
  5. To hold conferences and exchange views.
  6. To promote Research
  7. To publish in the Journal of Spinal Surgery.
  8. Provide competitions and travelling fellowships.
  9. Hold regular elections for all posts.
  10. Establish a solid corpus for the Association.