The Organization offers membership to all doctors having interest in the spine. They can become member by filling the accompanying form.

It is proposed to organize exchange offer with various countries so that young doctors from India can visit them and their doctors can visit India. We already have arrangement with Japan.

The Neuro Spinal Surgery is at its best at the beginning of 21st Century and we are striving hard to be a part of it.

Advantages of becoming a Member

  • Be a Life Member

  • Life membership Rs.5000/-

  • DD should be drawn in favour of “Neuro Spinal Surgeons association”


Added Attractions :
1. Journal of spinal surgery will be sent to all the life members.

Other Advantages :

  1. Eligibility to hold the meetings of the Association.
  2. Eligibility to stand for the elections for the committee and state committees.
  3. Eligibility to vote.
  4. Concession in registration fee for the conference.
  5. Preference to present papers in the conference.
  6. Preference to be a Chairman / Co-chairman of the symposium.
  7. Eligibility for competition in free papers and posters.
  8. Eligibility to participate in the quiz.
  9. To receive announcements of the Association

Membership Form Dowload

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Membership Fees Details

Full Membership
– Neuro Surgeons (Rs.5,000/-)

Non-Neuro Surgeons (No Voting Rights) (Rs.5,000/-)

1. Orthopaedicians
2. Anaesthesiologist
3. Neurophysiologist

Neuro Nurses / Allied Neuro Associates / Physiotherapists (Rs.2,500/-)

Temporary Members (For 1 year) Post Graduates (Rs.2,500/-)

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