Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association has established a Journal of Spinal Surgery.

The first issue was released in Kodai Kanal in July 2009. The issue is quarterly and is being circulated not only to members but all over the world. Its design, printing quality and scientific contents are appreciated all over the world. The response is tremendous and very soon the frequency of the journal will be increased.

It has an International Editorial Board and the articles are peer reviewed by reviewers selected from all over the world. At present the journal is reviewed by two peers.

The journal is already listed and is available on its website as well as on Google. Very soon it will be available on Pubmed.

All readers are requested to contribute to the journal.

The salient features of journal are Review articles, Original articles, Case reports, Letters to the  Editor, Reflection, Newer innovations in instruments, operative techniques etc.

Each issue contains a DVD on an Operative technique in Spinal Surgery by International experts.

Already Dr. Luiz Pimenta from Brazil, Dr. Jin Fu Lin from Taiwan and Dr. Motoi Shoda from Japan have published operative techniques DVDs in this journal.

Already Spinal Surgeons from Japan, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Brazil, Colombia, England, Italy etc. have published articles in the journal.