Message from Prof. P S Ramani

Founder President

The NSSA Website is being updated in keeping with the rapid progress in Neuro-Spinal surgery. In–fact, this branch has progressed so rapidly that today it is recognized as one of the most popular surgical branch.

It is all the more important that the younger neuro-spinal surgeons must strive hard to obtain thoroughly basic facts about the functioning of the spine. The applied anatomy as related to surgical interventions on the spine, along with understanding of the biomechanics will help the surgeons in the application of newer implants. There is no doubt that the safety of the patient is very much influenced by the expertise and application of the surgeon.

It is interesting to note that the understanding and development of spinal biomechanics and surgical procedures started with lumbar spine and it took decades before the interest was shifted to cervical spine.

The latest arrival on the scene is the thoracic spine. As we move ahead, the lumbar spine remains the most important part of the spine requiring surgical interventions. Segmental spinal stabilization has now given way to the old technique of stabilization of a longer portion of the spine. Steffe screws and plates became popular in the 9th decade of last century as the mode of segmental stabilization.

We have moved further and progressed to segmental mobile stabilization with the help of PDS. Minimal spinal invasive surgery is the word of the day.

A website helps to bring neuro-spinal surgeon not only from India but whole of the world together in understanding each other and knowing the expertise acquired by individual spinal surgeon.