Spine 2009, the Annual conference of Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association-India was held at Kodai Kanal from 17th till 19th July 2009.

The conference proved to be an academic feast with excellent CME programme followed by symposiums and seminars of very high standard. The WFNS spine Committee symposium on surgical treatment of Cervical prolapsed disc was extremely instructive and of a very high standard.

Speakers coming from USA, England, Japan, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and our own illustrious speakers gave the delegates a scientific feast which they will take a long time to digest.

Much to the delight of the Chairman 縫r P S Ramani, several members of the WFNS Spine Committee namely Dr George Dohrmann-USA; Dr Motoi Shoda-Japan, Dr Mehmet Zileli-Turkey, Dr Hafid Bajamal-Indonesia, Dr Prem Pillai-Singapore attended the meeting and participated in the WFNS spine committee symposium.

The food provided by the Organizing President Dr Kailai Rajan was ethnic and extremely delicious and was appreciated by one and all. The Chief Guest of the conference, Senior Spinal Surgeon and Prof. and Head of Dept of NeuroSpinal Surgery at Fujita Health University in Nagoya-Japan was very appreciative of the efforts made by Indian Spinal Surgeons to promote effectively the Spinal Surgery to the masses. He extended his Japanese collaboration to strengthen the ties between the two societies.